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If you think of your trees as an asset then you should do whatever it takes to make sure they remain that way by taking care of them. We don’t mean that you have to personally take care of the trees yourself but you should at least have someone take care of them for you. If you’re a resident of Bakersfield, California then you’re sure to appreciate what we have to offer to you at Premier Tree Surgeons Bakersfield.

We have arborists with the necessary skills and qualifications needed to effectively address your service needs. Since most people are not fully aware of what it takes to keep their trees in the best condition possible, they rely on our experts to do it for them. Maintaining the condition of your trees also helps with your homes curb appeal. This is important if you are interested in selling your home and are trying to attract buyers.

About Us

If you want affordable tree care services in Bakersfield, call on the professional services of Premier Tree Surgeons Bakersfield. We are committed to providing our customers with services that they need to help them keep their trees in the best condition possible.

With a team of professional tree care experts, we know that we are capable of effectively addressing the needs of everyone who relies on us for their service needs. Since we have been in the business for more than 20 years, we realize that we must be doing something right.


Bakersfield, CA

Our experts are not only capable of making your trees look good but they are capable of keeping them healthy all-year-round. The services that we offer are the services that help us maintain your trees healthy condition. Healthy trees mean that you are able to avoid the danger of fallen limbs, which can be damaging and harmful. Trees are good for you and the environment. Contact us for any of your tree service needs.

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Tree & Stump Removal

It takes skill and precision to effectively remove a tree and a tree stump. This means that if you are planning on having a tree or stump removed that it should be left to an expert to handle. A professional tree service has the necessary tools and equipment needed to safely and effectively remove the tree and stumps from off of your property.

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Tree Trimming

Having your trees properly trimmed is important to the growth of your trees. With professionally trimmed trees, it keeps your lawn looking even more attractive. There is an art to trimming your trees and making sure they turn out attractive. Leave the job of trimming your trees in the hands of our experts is sure to render the best results possible. You always get what you pay for with the help of Premier Tree Surgeons Bakersfield.

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Tree Hazard Inspection

Trees are beautiful to look at but they can also be dangerous if they are not properly taken care of. This is why we offer tree inspections at Premier Tree Surgeons Bakersfield. Our tree arborists will be able to quickly identify any problems that you might experience with your trees. Make sure your hazard inspection is handled by a well-established tree service, such as Premier Tree Surgeons Bakersfield.

“We just couldn’t figure out why the tree in the front of our home never produced lush green foliage. Based on a recommendation, we contacted Premier Tree Surgeons Bakersfield. They were able to identify and remedy the problem.” – Caroline S.

This is a picture of a tree hazard inspection service.

“We knew that our tree could pose a threat to the safety and security of our family but we didn’t know how much. They were able to attach bracing to prevent any of the limbs from falling and it eventually helped to stabilize the tree. We won’t use any other tree service in Bakersfield. – Cara L.

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"When my husband got ready to have the pool installed he had to first have the stumps removed from our lawn. He contacted Premier Tree Surgeons Bakersfield because the offered the most reasonable rate. They also received great reviews for their services. They definitely lived up to our expectations.” – Sandy L.

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Tree Braces & Support System

Bracing your trees will help them mend faster. It also helps prevent branches that have weakened from falling down and causing harm to anyone. Fallen tree branches and limbs can also cause damages to your car and home. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, contact our tree care services and allow us to help with your tree care needs before it’s too late.

This is a picture of a tree braces and support system.


If your trees are not getting enough nutrients then they will be more prone to diseases and will become unattractive after when deprived for too long. Providing your trees with proper fertilization is how we give your trees the right nutrients. This is something that should be handled by someone who knows which fertilization is best for the type of trees that you have, Premier Tree Surgeons. We have experienced professionals working with us who understand how to keep your trees looking their absolute best throughout the year.

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Tree Care

Without the proper training and qualifications, it could be difficult to take care of your trees the way that you would like to. This is why we offer an extensive list of tree care services at Premier Tree Surgeons Bakersfield. If you want to be able to maintain your homes curb appeal then allow our experts to provide you with your tree care services. You deserve the best and you’re sure to find it when you turn to our seasoned veterans.

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When you want to receive the best tree care services possible, do yourself a favor by relying on our experienced professionals at Premier Tree Surgeons Bakersfield. Since there are so many reasons why your trees may need care and attention, it’s best to allow our arborists to perform an inspection to determine exactly what is needed to properly care for it. Call for services today.