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Mulch Volcanoes Hurt Trees

Mulching the ground beneath your trees and shrubs is one of the best practices for keeping trees healthy. However, you need to mulch properly for it to truly be beneficial. Never pile mulch against the tree or cover the tree’s root flare, where the trunk flares outward into the ground. Even though a mulch volcano, a large pile of mulch under a tree, is a commonly seen practice, it is not a good one. Mulch volcanoes harm trees!

applying mulch
Mulch should be spread in a thin layer beneath the entire canopy.

How to Add Mulch Correctly

mulch volcano
INCORRECT MULCHING! A mulch volcano, where mulch is piled against the tree trunk, traps in moisture and damages the tree.

Whenever possible, you should apply mulch beneath the entire canopy. Mulch beds do not have to be round or symmetrical. The more area beds can cover under the canopy, the better! Mulch should not be deeper than four inches. Two inches will work for shallow rooted shrubs and perennials. As mulch decomposes, add more to maintain the appropriate depth.

One of the best materials to use as mulch is fresh wood chips. Wood chips contain bark, leaves and wood. This mixture is the most nutrient-rich option for the tree. It’s also okay to plant shrubs and perennials under the tree in the mulched area. When planting under trees, avoid solid masses of ground covers that hide buttress roots. Plant ground cover at least twelve inches away from tree trunks.

Mounded mulch and excessive ground cover can trap moisture against the tree’s bark. Stem tissues are not intended to remain moist. Excess moisture promotes the growth of fungal pathogens and disease. Too much mulch or ground cover can also conceal signs of an issue like the fruiting structures associated with root decay fungi.

How Mulch Helps

As you can see, proper mulching is relatively simple. It’s also effective in creating a healthy growing environment for trees. It eliminates competition between tree roots and turf as well as conserving soil moisture and moderating soil temperature. As mulch decomposes into the soil, it helps improve soil structure and reduce compaction.

Mulch beds mean there is less area of your lawn to mow. They also create a visible and physical barrier that can help prevent damage from mowers and trimmers to the tree trunk.

Even though the practice of piling mulch against the tree like a mountain or volcano has become so common that some professionals think it is acceptable or desirable, it is not. Just remember, mulch is one of the best things you can do for your trees, but only if you do it right!

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What You Should Know About Tree Care

tree care

Tree care is basically the application of arboretum techniques such as felling/limbing, trimming, pruning and/or thinning in developed environments. A service provider that offers this is in high demand due to the increase in people who are looking to save money and beautify their surroundings. Preserves, roadsides, parks and green spaces, along with trees on private and public property are all in the middle of focus for the tree care sector.

One of the most important components of the service includes pruning. This service starts when it comes to pruning old trees. There are many reasons why trees become unhealthy. It may be that the branch that connects them has broken off, or possibly a crack or fracture. When it comes to residential projects, a service provider will often times replace broken branches with new ones using professional machinery.

Another reason why a tree care provider might prune certain areas of a tree is for maintenance purposes. They may want to control the growth of the tree by removing dead or broken branches so that more can grow. They also may want to develop a more harmonious tree structure by removing diseased or unhealthy branches, as well as to improve tree health. If you’re a skilled arborist or if you have a tree care certification that states you can perform tree care services, then this is one of the many tree care services you can offer.

Tree care involves a lot more than simply removing dead or unhealthy branches or leaves. They also have to perform regular maintenance services on your trees. One of the basic tree services they’ll perform is tree felling or tree trimming. This is where they’ll cut down an overly-large tree that’s no longer doing its part in providing the needed shade or moisture needed by the tree. A good tree service provider will trim trees that are encroaching on your property or growing out of control.

Trimming trees is one thing; tree removal is another. A good tree care service provider knows how to remove larger branches safely and without killing the tree. When choosing a service provider, make sure you ask about their tree removal services. Some specialize in only tree removal, while others are capable of doing everything from tree trimming to tree planting.

Another type of tree care service you can provide is insect control. Some insects such as bark beetles and aphids can damage your trees’ leaves, buds and fruit. These insects can also create problems with your soil structure and soil’s acidity level. An effective approach to insect control involves planting non-resistant varieties of plants around the infected areas.

Landscape maintenance is important for preventing trees from becoming hazards to people and property. Certain pests and diseases are more prevalent in certain types of climates and tree care specialists can identify which species of trees are more susceptible to these conditions. They can then provide preventative and treatment measures. Other landscape maintenance services offered by a tree care company include tree planting and tree removal.

Tree planting involves the planting of healthy trees in strategic locations throughout your landscape. In most cases, tree pruning is also performed. Tree pruning is performed to enhance the appearance of your landscape and to improve its functionality. The purpose of tree pruning is to remove dead, damaged or diseased branches so that they can be re-purposed or re-potted. If you are interested in offering organic care and require assistance in managing your landscape, contact a landscape maintenance company today.

Tree removal is an essential part of organic landscape maintenance. When trees grow too close to one another or grow in areas that are inaccessible, they can become a nuisance. If branches fall on your homes, vehicles, or other structures, you may need to hire a tree removal company to remove them. Your local supplier of organic care products should be able to provide information about the national standard practices for tree removal. In order to ensure that trees are removed safely, you need to hire a company that adheres to the standards set by the United States National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, and the National Arbor Day Foundation.

To ensure the health and survival of your trees, they need to be kept in an optimal state of health. Some tree species will do better in specific climates and soil types, but many will thrive in all types of soil and landscape conditions. Landscaping companies can advise you about what species of trees you should choose for your area, how to care for them, and how to best plant them in your yard.

Tree care is an essential part of organic landscape maintenance. If your trees aren’t well cared for, they may not survive to see the next season. There are many insects that attack trees and can damage their leaves, bark, and roots. Gardeners and arborists can provide you with advice about how to protect your trees, make sure they’re planted and developed in the most beneficial way, and train them to live healthy. Your local garden shop or arborists should be able to provide information about the best ways to protect your trees and keep them healthy.